Air Conditioning Repairs

When the summer months strike in Michigan, you want to keep it cool. Luedtke-Tri County Comfort is here to keep you Air Conditioner working properly for you. Most repairs are inexpensive, some can be costly. We’ve got great news for you: We extended our financing program to cover repairs, too! This means you can concentrate on the problem at hand- getting your system up and running and enjoy the financial flexibility to pay it off over time.

Signs Your Air Conditioner is Not Running Properly:

  • Is your thermostat set at a lower temperature than the temperature in your house and your Air Conditioner just cannot seem to catch up?
  • Does your A/C cycle on and off? It is normal for your Air Conditioner to cycle when the thermostat calls to cool, but other than that, something is not quite right with your system.
  • Is there water around your furnace? Your coil may have frozen up
    due to being low on refrigerant. Or, your coil may freeze up if the temperature is too cool outside to run your Air Conditioner. An easy way for you to check this is looking for ice on your outdoor unit.
  • Do you smell a unique smell when your Air Conditioner is running? You may be experiencing the smell of a refrigerant leak. Maybe the filter is clogged and there is not enough airflow.
  • Do you hear unusual noises coming from your Air Conditioner?
    Rattling or buzzing may be a loose part. If you hear grinding, this is may be something worse.
  • When was the last time you had preventive maintenance performed? Your system might just need a thorough cleaning.

If you are experiencing any of these service issues, fill out the Contact Form or call Luedtke Tri-County Comfort at 586-463-3823 before you are left sweating.

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Is an Air Conditioning Repair the Right Choice?

Are your energy bills high? Your Air Conditioner may be running too long due to a service issue, lack of maintenance or your system may not even be sized right. Luedtke Tri-County Comfort can help you determine the right solution for your needs.